(Re)Invigorate your love life this Valentines

Valentine’s is a funny old thing.   It is a day meant for romance; for connections, for flowers and chocolates and jewellery.

(In fact, if any one would like to buy me jewellery this valentines, I have a wonderful wishlist post hanging around from Christmas).

Valentines is a day meant for spending time together and having the wildest, swinging from the ceiling and waking the neighbours sex.   Or so I am told.

Yet Valentine’s for me has always been more about my girlfriends.   I’ve never bought my husband a valentine’s present – but I’ve definitely bought my best friend one.    You see, I can have earth shattering sex with my husband any day, right? But how often do we celebrate our friendships?

That said, I’ve been married close to five years which means there is no mystery with my husband anymore.  I know him inside out and he knows me.  Not to be too soppy, but we’re a perfect fit.  Of course, we bicker and argue and have our problems.   But we are just right for each other.  We are both a bit cranky.   We are both stubborn.   He likes to play computer games whilst I read my books or work on my blog.   I go out with my friends for brunch and shopping.   He goes fishing.

We work and we’ve been together for five years so, perhaps, it is time to play around a bit.

Enter, Love Drop; a couples subscription box of date nights delivered straight to your door.

Sex Subscription box featuring the Lelo Nea

“Make it your agreement with each other that you will promise to try whatever arrives.”

Bi-monthly, on the 5th, Love Drop dispatch a small box filled with goodies meant to invigorate and refresh your sex life.  The premise is that ‘trying something new helps keep your relationship fresh and exciting’ and the box ‘encourage(s) you to explore each other and branch out.’

Now I really buy into the ‘if aint broke, don’t fix it’ mentality and so was naturally skeptical about a subscription box designed to create change.   That said, I have found the box immensely fun.

It came packed with chocolate, a scented candle, condoms and lubricant, prompt cards and a luxury vibrator from Lelo.

Not only this, but it comes with a dates & challenges card that includes three challenges designed to bring you closer and a date night idea to ensure you spend some quality time together.

Reinvigorate your love life this Valentine’s Day with Love Drop, date nights delivered to your door

Now, I’m not going into all the gory details on how we found this box.  It suffices to say we enjoyed it; even if part of that enjoyment was laughing at the implausibility of one of the positions suggested.   I think, had we tried that particular suggestion, one of us would have ended up with broken back!

But I did really enjoy this box and I do highly recommend it.     It costs £45 so it isn’t the cheapest of subscription boxes but, given that the Lelo alone retails at over £69, it is definitely worth the money.   And, for those nights home alone, the Lelo Nea is quite a wondrous little vibrator.

Reinvigorate your love life this Valentine’s Day with Love Drop, date nights delivered to your door Sex Subscription box featuring the Lelo Nea

So, perhaps this Valentines, hubby and I will be staying in with a bottle of something and our prompt cards.   Or, perhaps, I’ll be drinking rum with the bestie …. who knows?

C x


In September 2017, my blog turned three.   It is strange, to look back on those early posts of badly-lit mirror selfies.   My style wasn’t exactly … there.   My house and photography skills certainly weren’t.

Curvy Girl Thin was started naively.   I didn’t read other blogs at the time.   I was simply bored; I’d just got married and wasn’t, therefore, spending every spare moment planning my “big day” and I was a fat girl who dressed well(ish).   Friends suggested I start this little blog and share my style as a fat girl wearing nice(ish) clothes.  Of course, I wouldn’t have called myself fat back then and, looking back today, I didn’t really have a me style. I was mostly hiding behind what I’d been told I should wear.

Blog inspiration: style and getting to know yourself
New Look Tall Jersey PJ Jumpsuit

My style has evolved so much since then.  Gone are the playing at vintage days – not that there is anything wrong with vintage styling; but it was never really me.   More something that I thought should be me.

My style, over the past three years has definitely evolved but it was only in the past year or so that I’ve become truly comfortable in my style.   I know what I want and what I like.   I no longer buy things purely because they are flattering or because the plus size crowd tell me that I should.    You see, I don’t need to be vintage and more than I need to be bold.   I just need to be comfortable.

That doesn’t mean I won’t experiment – it just means that I’m not going to wear (or show) anything that I’m not completely and utterly in love with.

I have grown confident in my style, and I think this because I’ve started reading blogs.   I know that may sound very strange – a blogger who hasn’t, until recently, really read blogs but that is me!   Or at least, I haven’t read blogs outside of my own niche.   But it is true.

Yet it is discovering these blogs which has resulted in me falling in love with blogging again.  And not just writing, because I don’t think that is what my blog is mostly about, but in making content.   Whether that be taking photos or styling shoots, working on my social media, or a recent forays into vlogging (albeit a micro vlog).

And I think there will be more of these micro vlogs in future content, whether that be for fashion or lingerie or just my life in general.

You see, I have been inspired.   And these are wonderful content creators responsible:

Shot From The Street

Her film photography series, My Week on 35mm, is the most aesthetically pleasing blog series I’ve ever seen.  The grainy, light saturated effect of the photos is just beautiful and embodies an atmosphere in a way that digital photography never can.   I love how Lizzie experiments with annotating her images to give them meaning and, she’s got quite a delightful personality to boot.

This year, I’d love to incorporate some film photography that documents my life and adventures.   I just need to buy a film camera and learn to use it.



Her instagram is filled with the most amazing photography but it is her blog aesthetic that I love most.   It is a creative and quirky documentation of her life; there are often little words needed.  Just beautiful images in a layout so rarely seen in blogs.


Ropes of Holland

I love Lindsey’s style.   Her ability to look endlessly relaxed and chic all at once.   Following her on instagram has meant I’ve fallen in love with denim again.   I’ve also accepted that I’m not the type to be forever over-dressed and that is fine.   I can look just as fabulous in a pair of Levi’s and a blazer as I can in a velvet dress.

I’m also loving her weekly vlogs.


Callie Thorpe

Her interior posts are goal worth and her laid back style, matched with a huge smile, is utterly infectious.   Her recent travel posts on instagram means I’m probably going to need to buy a drone and she’s definitely inspired me to smile more in my posts.


Plus Size Style
Arched Eyebrow x Navabi Jacket – Fiorelli Bag (past season) – ASOS Curve Skinny JeansSimply Be Ankle Boots

I think what unites all these content creators, and the reason they are so inspiring, is that they are uniquely themselves in their content.   They cannot, and should not, be emulated because their creativity and style comes from their personalities; their unwavering truth to theirselves.

That is something that I have always shied away from in my blog.   I have been guilty of keeping a good portion of myself back; the everyday me.  The me who hasn’t gotten dressed merely to take outfit pictures.   I have been, slowly, over the past year, peeling back the covers and showing a little more of myself and this is something I’d like to continue into 2018.

Plus Size Casual Style
New Look Coat (past season) – V by Very JumperSimply Be JeansReebok Classics

So yes, this year expect more creativity, more experiment, more honesty and hopefully, a little more freshness.

C x

New Year, New Challenges, Same Old Me

It seems customary, at the turn of a year, to reflect back on the past twelve months, to revel on the highs and lament on the lows.   Yet for me, looking back on the previous months, has never felt quite right – especially so with 2017 which has felt a little … well, a little none.

You see, there is nothing particularly remarkable that has happened this past year.  It has been a year where I have really fallen in love with travel and, thanks to Hair by Lauren, a year when I have finally gotten to grips with the art of a good blow dry!   It has also been a year of struggle, although nothing particularly huge and certainly nothing to cry about – or at least, not excessively.

2017 has been, ultimately, a little bit vanilla.   Beige.   Bland.

English Country Style, complete with a working cocker
Photo by Fashion Loves Photos

But the end of the year bought with it some impending changes.

My husband was offered a job in Devon, Totnes area to be precise.   It is an areas we know very well; my in-laws live there and we have spent so very many weekends down there.   Long walks coastal walks and excess amounts of seafood are our cup of tea so we have always felt at home there.   But it is more than the scenery; the locals are friendly.   Yes – they talk!

This may mean little to those living in the North but here in Oxford (and in London where I so often work) no-one speaks.   I have lived here five years and still scarcely know a soul out of work.  I sit in the local pub and not a sole says a word.  Sure, I know some people in my village but only as ‘Jasper’s Mum’ or ‘Moss’s parents.’  That’s the thing about dogs – they always form a bond.

I’ve never been entirely at home here in Oxford.  As beautiful as the place is, my heart longs for more variety, more landscape, and more affordable housing.

And so, as 2017 drew to a close, we decided to leave.   2018 will see us move to Devon, to pastures new but loved.

Country style: Country Wellies and a Working Cocker
Photo by Fashion Loves Photos

It is both exciting and a little bit daunting.

I don’t know what will happen with work for myself and I will be leaving behind some extremely good friends, although they have already offered to club together and buy a bed for the spare room so they can all stay together so I doubt I will be free of them for long.

Because of this change, I have too much uncertainty for New Years resolutions – and I don’t entirely believe in them anyway.   I’ve never been sure why a New Year needs to mean change – couldn’t tomorrow trigger the very same change?   Or a new hour?

Instead, I will be building on the changes already made in my life; embarking on a new challenge that has been weeks in the making – although I have no idea what that new challenge may be.

Country style: Country Wellies and a Working Cocker
Photo by Fashion Loves Photos

All I really know is that I should probably invest in a wet suit!

C x


2018 Travel Inspiration


2017 has been a great year for travel taking me to both foreign isles and the peaks of home.
There is something about exploring new places; it both relaxes and invigorates, inspires and challenges.  You don’t need to be a seasoned adventurer to experience this; simply getting away from the pressures and stresses of home-life can change your perspective, give you time to see things from a different point of view.   I think this is why I really love travel so much – travel is stepping outside your circle, which ultimately allows you to interrogate that circle and all it encompasses.
2018 Travel Inspiration- Bucket List Travel - New York
View from the Highline, New York City

This year I have been lucky enough to experience many places away from home, both for work and for pleasure.

Spanish languages dominated with Seville, Granada, and Cuba delighting my holiday allowance; the valleys and caves of the Peak District delighted both Pooch and I, even if we got more than a little soggy whilst exploring; and with, days spent at work, my evenings in New York, Liverpool and Berlin were filled with amazing restaurants and some sneaky sightseeing.   And of course, there were countless trips down to Devon; the English Riviera and its many, many seafood restaurants.

2018 Travel Inspiration- Bucket List Travel - New York
On the Steps of The Met, New York City
2018 Travel Inspiration- Bucket List Travel
The Alhambra, Granada
2018 Travel Inspiration- Bucket List Travel - The Peak District
Castleton, The Peak District
2018 Travel Inspiration- Bucket List Travel - Seville
Plaza de Espana, Seville
2018 Travel Inspiration- Bucket List Travel - Liverpool
Albert Dock, Liverpool
2018 Travel Inspiration- Bucket List Travel
The Soviet Memorial, Berlin
2018 Travel Inspiration- Bucket List Travel - Devon, Brixham
Broadsands & Elberry Cove, Devon

And now, as we draw to the year’s end, I’m looking forward to 2018 travels and all they may bring.   I won’t lie, I’ve been planning them for a while already – I have the longest list of travel aspirations but 2018’s are planned around friends and family; about quality time spent with those who have moved abroad, or who I simply want to spend more time with.

So here it is, my 2018 bucket list if you will:

1. Stockholm 

2. Madrid 

3. Lake Ohrid, Macedonia

4. Amsterdam 

5. North Cornwall

6. York

Will they happen? Who knows. I’m going to try my hardest to make the plans come reality but 2018 holds a lot of change and what is life if perfectly planned?

Do you have 2018 travel plans? Please share so I can gather some more inspiration!

C x

Staying Smart at the Sales

Shopping the post-holiday sales is a tricky affair!

Since Christmas Eve, my mailbox has been pounded by the big fashion brands; “Don’t miss out!“, “50% off starts today!“, “Biggest Sale EVER“, “Get it whilst you can!“.  The pressure to spend all that Christmas money in the first three days of having it is immense.  We are bombarded with the sales.   I’ve even received text messages from brands, promising a present just for me! And definitely not for the 20,000 other subscribers they’ve no doubt contacted with the exact same offer.

If you can’t tell, I’m a little fed up with the sales.   Last holiday season I bought one item in the Christmas sales, a floral jumpsuit that was beyond my bank balance on first seeing it.  I had saved the jumpsuit to my basket before hand and was simply waiting, hoping, praying, for a discount.    This year is not much different, there is very little I need right now and I’m trying to be less frivolous.   In fact, I think there is a good chance I won’t shop the sales at all this year; well, unless the EasyJet sale count because who can resist £30 flights to Stockholm?   Hello June holiday!

But I’m not a complete Grinch.   I understand for many the holiday sales are a time of utter delight; where you can scoop up those much needed items for the year at a fraction of the original price.   And for that reason, the sales are great! Its just important to not get carried away – I mean, do you really need another sequin-laden dress that will sit in the back of your wardrobe, only to be stroked occasionally?    Instead, I have some tips that will help you to navigate the sales and get what you need getting distracted by the razzle-dazzle and without breaking the bank balance.

An infographic for shopping the sales

And, if you’re still after some inspiration for what to buy, then I strongly suggest investing in classic items that will see you through year after year.   Savvy items, like tailored trousers, a new blazer, or a camel coat …

How to shop the christmas sales
Elvi Embellished TrousersManon Baptiste Jacquard TrousersASOS Cropped Chinos
How to shop the christmas sales
Monsoon BlazerRiver Island Check Blazer with BroochElvi Pony Skin Peplum Blazer
How to shop the christmas sales
Jaeger Camel CoatASOS Camel TrenchNew Look Oversized Camel Coat


How will you be spending the sales this season?   Will you be following my guidelines or going all out?

C x



It was only fairly recently that I was converted to wearing a watch.   They’d never been a large part of my outfit choices – they seemed a little grown up; like something someone wears when they have their shit together.  I definitely do not have that.  I’m far from it.

Yet, as I’ve become okay with the idea of not having my shit together; I’ve also warmed to the idea of a watch.

My first watch was purchased by my husband some Christmas’ ago.   A rose gold Michael Kors; big and masculine in shape but dotted with a sparkling stone set that catches the light and really makes the watch a stand out timepiece. It was my first watch and probably my favourite for the sheer fact that my husband bought it for me – and I love most things he buys me.

Since then, I’ve had many a watch.   They’re becoming like collectables to me.  They’ve become like a further expression of my outfit and, therefore, my mood; whether I want  a strong masculine look or something softer, I’ve begun to gather a watch for every occasion.


My latest watch is perfect for daily wear.  A large bold face with a soft cream background laid with roman numerals and subtle blue hands and gold edging.  The Daniel Wellington Dapper watch is actually designed for men, with a plain leather strap in a deep mahogany colour.    But I’ve never been entirely certain why watches are gendered …

The piece comes with a battery already fitted and an added date option.  The leather strap is strong but supple, wrapping easily around your wrist and is lined with a softer cream leather that feels great against your skin.

Time Keeping: An Every day watch from House of Watches

Time Keeping: An Every day watch from House of Watches

Time Keeping: An Every day watch from House of Watches

Time Keeping: An Every day watch from House of Watches

Thankfully, with Christmas just around the corner, the time for buying a new time piece is here and House of Watches have a vast selection to choose from as well as 10% of when you spend over £100.

What style would you choose?



Christmas Gift Guide: Cruelty Free Beauty

At the beginning of the year I went Cruelty Free in my beauty regime.   I had naively assumed that, living in the enlightened 21st century, animal testing for cosmetics reasons was a thing of the past.

Cruelty Free Beauty UK - Christmas Gift Guide

Yeah – I was naive!

All of my favourite products were tested on animals.  So the past year has been spent finding cruelty free products that I both love and can afford.   I think my beauty regime should be a topic for another post, you don’t want to be bored with all intricate details right now.   But just as a snippet; I’ve saved money and my skin has improved!

So if you have a beauty-loving loved one to buy for this Christmas, here are some brands that I’ve fallen in love with this year.   I can promise you, the lucky recipient won’t be disappointed.

Cruelty Free Beauty UK - Christmas Gift Guide

Cruelty Free Beauty UK - Christmas Gift Guide


I discovered Pixi cosmetics at an M&S press day earlier this year.  I fell in love immediately.  Their products are long lasting, feel utterly luxurious and don’t break the bank.  I swear by their glow booster and cannot wait to get my hands on the Hello Snow kit which would make an amazing stocking filler.


Cruelty Free Beauty UK - Christmas Gift Guide

The Ordinary

I think pretty much every blogger out there is raving about The Ordinary right now – their tonics and creams have a strong design aesthetic and I swear their anti-blemish formula is the reason my pimples have cleared up.


Cruelty Free Beauty UK - Christmas Gift Guide


Super affordable but great, e.l.f arrived in super drug early this year and they have become a staple of my make-up routine.   Their foundation serum offers a light, moisture rich coverage and their day-to-night lipsticks are great for throwing on last minute to transform a look.


Cruelty Free Beauty UK - Christmas Gift Guide

Jo Malone

Perfume has always been the ultimate luxury for me but finding a cruelty free perfume has been difficult.   Thankfully, Jo Malone does some amazing scents and I love the Mimosa and Cardamom perfume.  This Christmas, they have some great sets in your favourite fragrances – and don’t forget their candles!


Cruelty Free Beauty UK - Christmas Gift Guide


I can spend hours painting my nails; I find a manicure therapeutic and have always loved Ciate for prolonged wear and easy application.   Their mini-mani month is great for getting a range of colours and their snow globes make a great stocking filler.

So those are my picks for Cruelty Free Beauty presents this Christmas.  Do you have any recommendations?

C x


The Travel Lover’s Gift Guide

Travel is the modern twenty-something’s hope.

We can’t afford houses.  We can’t afford a decent pension.  We’re on zero hour contracts.  We work longer hours for less money.  We get a pay cut every year because our wages don’t match inflation.

In my area, we need to save £30,000 – £40,000 for a mortgage – and even then, the repayments would leave us eating bread husks for years to come.

So why bother?  Why bother when you can travel?


Travel is escapism; forgetting about the fact that you have over 600 unread emails and that you have 20 reports to write before the end of the month.

Travel is learning about other cultures, other histories, other personalities.

Travel is getting to know yourself; your loves, your dislikes, your ambitions.

For me, travel is hope! Something to look forward to, to plan (endlessly), and to aspire to whilst living.

And I know that many other people of my generation place travelling above houses, pensions, and cars.   Because, lets face travel is attainable – the rest is not.

So if you have a travel-bitten loved one, consider indulging them this Christmas with some of my favourite picks.

Below £20 

The Travel Lover's Gift Guide: Christmas Gifts for the Endless Traveller

Clockwise from top left:

Scratch Map

Personalised Luggage Tag

Catherine & Jean Eye Mask in Stripe

Personalised Stamp Travel Journal

Lonely Planet – Film & TV Locations

£20 – £100

savonne copy

Clockwise from top left:

Personalised Typographic Photo Album

Personalised Retro Leather Camera Strap


Over £100

savonne copy 2

Clockwise from top left:

Olympus Pen E-PL8 Compact System Camera

And if anyone is yet to get me something, I would love all of these things.  Hint, hint, wink, wink!  Except the expensive stuff, no-one should spend that kind of money on little-old-me!

Which would you choose?


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Independent Jewellery Gift Guide

I’m a big fan of giving jewellery at Christmas; small personalised items that have meaning and love behind them.

I wrote about it more extensively here; the little jewels and pendants given to me by loved ones that empower and inspire me every day.

The pieces I cherish most carry memories; an affinity and love for both the gift give and the item I’m wearing.   My next pice of special jewellery that I’m hoping for is a Bee necklace.   Bee’s keep our environment living, they are gentle, caring creatures who love their families and nurture the land they live off.   I’ve had a strange affinity with Bees for a very long time and I feel carrying one with me, even in jewel form, will help through hard times and maybe inspire me to be that little more conscientious.

When buying jewellery for a love one, I always try to think of stones they have mentioned an affinity for, or an animal held particularly close their hearts.    These are just some inspiration pieces for this year.

Under £20

Independent Jewellery Gift Guide

Clockwise from top left:

Bloom Boutique Eva Personalised Tree Necklace

Wild Life Designs Sperm Whale Necklace Pendant Pewter

J&S Jewellery Art Deco Cocktail Ring

£20 – £100 

Independent Jewellery Gift Guide

Clockwise from top left:

Personalised Elephant Necklace

Loel & Co. Diamond Cut Chain Bracelets

Completely Charmed Bumble Bee Necklace

Dizzy Silver St Christopher Charm Bracelet

Over £100


Clockwise from top left:

Lily Charmed Nine Carat Gold Bee Necklace With Sapphire

Silver Service Jewellery Large Mixed Wing Necklace

Rachel Eardley Silver Wren Brooch

Do you have a particular item you’d like to find under the tree this year?
And which one of these would you chose?
C x
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A Cosy Christmas

This Christmas is going to be a little different to my normal hectic party-season.  December is being taken up by one mammoth holiday to Cuba.  In fact, as you read this, I’m likely to be on a beach sipping mojitos or snorkelling amongst all those bright, tropical fish (and maybe a few reef sharks – one can hope).

This epic holiday means I’m skipping all the parties and usual mayhem and, on return from Cuba, I’ll be retreating a cosy Christmas spent in Devon.   I’m hoping Fergus will be in recovery by then and able to join Iain and I on some long, frosty beach walks before we spend evenings in with Port, cheese and board games.

A Cosy Comfy Christmas - Plus Size Relaxed Style
Barbour JacketIn The Style Curve Jumper DressDubarry Boots 

You see, the glitz and glam of party season is all very well and good; but its been quite a manic year and the last few months have been extremely stressful.  For that reason, I’m really looking forward to a quiet Christmas spent with my family.

A Cosy Comfy Christmas - Plus Size Relaxed Style

A Cosy Comfy Christmas - Plus Size Relaxed Style

A Cosy Comfy Christmas - Plus Size Relaxed Style

I’m looking forward to wearing oversized jumper dresses and gorging on Christmas movies.

I’m looking forward to being slovenly; not brushing my hair and discarding make up.

I’m looking forward to lying in before going out for a wander to the beach.

And I’m looking forward to getting early nights, with a good book and no emails!

C x